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Building an Enduring Growth Engine: A CMO's Checklist for Enabling Sustainable Growth Model

The idea is to capture the notion of implementing an integrated set of capabilities for consistent long-term growth (an engine) rather than short-term bursts. Using "enduring" and "expansion" evokes the systematic, sustained nature while "engine" and "checklist" make it actionable for CMOs. Please let me know if you'd like me to modify or refine the title further!

☐ Secure executive alignment on 3-5 year vision and timeline for growth

system transformation

☐ Map out quarterly milestones balanced between building differentiating

capabilities (70%) and achieving near-term targets (30%)

☐ Implement talent rotation programs to drive adoption and urgency across

middle management layers

☐ Organize cross-functional "customer outcome" teams around identifying

emerging needs and rapid prototyping

☐ Allocate at least 5% of top product/technical talent to full-time future-focused

outcome teams

☐ Identify 1-2 differentiation capabilities to concentrate resources

disproportionately into rather than incremental improvements

☐ Develop mechanisms to continually measure customer engagement, feature

usage, user sentiment across customer journey

☐ Shift metrics to track health of growth system - investment into innovation vs

legacy, adoption rates, employee survey progress

☐ Benchmark competitors pursuing systematic growth and assess gaps quarterly

☐ Evaluate ecosystem and M&A partnerships to acquire missing capabilities

and accelerate roadmap

☐ Automate reporting cadence on growth system metrics to leadership team

☐ Launch internal communications campaign focused on education and


☐ Conduct quarterly reviews on progress, cascade insights and realign as

needed across management

Following this checklist will allow CMOs to implement the core elements of the article's framework on transitioning their organizations into integrated growth systems fueled by differentiation and customer centricity. The focus areas cover securing leadership commitment, reorganizing talent, concentrating resources into key innovation areas, tracking ecosystem health metrics and educating the broader company. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!


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